Oil Storage

Even with the massive volumes of petroleum and petroleum derived product storage, our machines are modular and can handle any size storage.

We want to help you make more money while saving the environment.

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Upstream petroleum producers store massive quantities of crude oil and derived products before transporting them downstream. Immense quantities of vapor are generated from the massive tanks. Our machines can be strung together to capture the large volumes of vapor and recovering it back into useable fuel. While lighter products with higher vapor pressure will evaporate more (such as gasoline), if the quantities are sufficient, even heavy products like kerosene or diesel could be financially worth recovering.

One client had sales volume of 15 million liters per month and required 18 machines connected together to recover 62,000 liters per month at no cost to purchase the machines.

Sevali Energy Machines


We provide analytics via mobile or web app to see how much gasoline you have recovered and the equivalent amount of savings. We also provide analytics into the pressure, temperature, and other metrics to better give insight into the machine’s performance. In addition to the results measured by our PLCs, we verify the results using third party conformity testing.


Stakeholders who care more about the environment than profit will also be delighted by our analytics showing how many metric tons of carbon and the equivalent amount of trees planted in impact our machines have delivered for you so you can quantify how much your investment has helped the environment and the climate.