While no tests have been done on these materials or the recovery has proven to be not profitable, there are even more things our machines can do.

We want to help you make more money while saving the environment.

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Natural gas and other compressed gases such as LPG and LNG are becoming increasingly popular fuels. When these gases are compressed and condensed into a liquid for transport, it requires frigid temperatures and incredibly high pressure. While testing we found that the cost of recovering the gases is not profitable, yet.

We are eager to test vapor recovery on whatever we can. Please let us know if you have an interesting use case.


We provide analytics via mobile or web app to see how much gasoline you have recovered and the equivalent amount of savings. We also provide analytics into the pressure, temperature, and other metrics to better give insight into the machine’s performance. In addition to the results measured by our PLCs, we verify the results using third party conformity testing.


Stakeholders who care more about the environment than profit will also be delighted by our analytics showing how many metric tons of carbon and the equivalent amount of trees planted in impact our machines have delivered for you so you can quantify how much your investment has helped the environment and the climate.